A Slight Note on Software

A slight note on the software that runs my blog…

I’ve rearranged lots of the backend code and will soon be able to post with the MetaWeblogAPI and use what looks to be the wonderful “ecto” client. This is exciting for me but bland for you… too bad.

There was a visible change, however, I’ve added paragraph level permalinks to the first-tier paragraphs. Some people have been asking for this for a while and I’ve just finished it.

Another technically visible, but not really, change is that my software will not post code that is not valid XHTML, so the blog so always stay valid. If you are an XML geek, this is good.

Update: The above bit about XML is not actually correct. The data is valid XML, but when my software parses it to add the paragraph level permalinks and then outputs it again it becomes not valid XML because entity references are lost. How obnoxious is that? Anyone know of a better perl XML Parser/Writer without this problem?