Taken by my ex-girlfriend in early fall of 2003. She was an awesome girl, but we have since broken up.

A Reader Request

A reader wrote in with a request,

So…I went to your “About Me” page and was disappointed not to find scantily clad pics of you or at least juicy details like your favorite underwear brands and colors. Now that you know what visitors to that page are looking for I hope you’ll oblige us…

I can’t really provide scantily clad pictures because then you’d know something special about me that I intend to keep secret.

As far as underwear goes I stick with Abercrombie and Fitch boxers because I’m super lazy about that sort of thing and can just throw them in with an old purchase. But being lazy in that regard makes me never go shopping for anything – particularly underwear. I think I need a wife to nag me and make sure I treat myself right.

Favourite colours, white & blue. And not just because I’m a Mac geek. The purity of a snowscape is amazing and the crystal clear blue of the sky or the ocean or incredible. The two colours remind me most of nature. Additionally, they are a nice constrast to each other so you get this delightful visual effect.

About the author

The author is je_apostrophe.

I notice lots of people clicking this link. I’m curious what people are expecting to see here and yet are not getting. What really “about the author” is important? I could write about what soft drinks I like, or what my favourite operating system is. Do a list of favourites really describe me?

If it’s not a favourite list that you’re interested in, perhaps it’s physical facts about me, maybe where I live and what I do for bandwidth money? I’m not really sure what’s expected. If you have a suggestion or question, email me and I will put it in this space to save the next person trouble, but for now I am vague.