We REALLY care about celebrities

John at the Movie Blog on giving a good performance versus being a good actor.

Here’s something else to keep in mind about Pacino and Deniro. They are both essentially the SAME FRIGGING GUY in almost every film they’re in. They’re like Kevin Costner that way. Pacino always talks the same, moves the same… he’s the same frigging character with a different name in almost all his credits. Same with Deniro. Its all they can do! Granted, they both do it VERY well… but it’s still all they can do.

Contrast that with someone like Robin Williams. Williams can play almost ANY role with a shocking diversity you rarely see on screen. An unassuming killer in Insomnia, a disturbed and misunderstood loner in 1 Hour Photo, A psychotic maniacal kids show host in Death to Smotchy, the professor in Dead Poets Society (Which he SHOULD have won an Oscar for), the psychologist in Good Will Hunting (which he DID win an Oscar for)… and on and on and on. Williams has never been in a film as good as The Godfather and he’s never given a single performance as good as Pacino in Scarface or Deniro in Heat, but he is vastly more talented an actor when it comes to playing diverse rolls and different kinds of films. Deniro and Pacino have both shown they can’t.

Camilo says that if you liked the trailer to Along Came Polly, you should probably just stick to it and not see the film.

Last weekend went to Along came Polly, a disturbing exercise in sameness and substitution of clichés for the happy consumption of middle America, the same one that considers it ok to have some “Friends” in NY with absolutely no Black, Latino or other “ethnic” characters. This movie is rife with platitudes, underdeveloped characters, weak plot and a completely base and stupid premise.

They first present you with the ethic dilemma, should a husband repudiate the woman that is unfaithful to him in his first day of honeymoon? Mind you, there is no easy answer to this, we learn, and Debra Messing’s character jumps, suddenly, from merely confused redhead wife to redhead bitch. Uh?

Steven Frank relates the demise of Disney to another industry.

It feels like Disney is going through a bit of what the video game industry went through after the release of Wolfenstein 3D back in the day: a mad rush towards 3D because it’s the hot new thing, one indistinguishable first-person shooter after another. There is still much to be done in 2D, and somewhere, cunning artists (and game developers!) are quietly honing their 2D skills for their triumphant return when the pendulum swings back again.