David Carr links to a program to teach kids about money.

I think it is at least plausible to propose that a vast swathe of bad ideas and damaging policies are borne on the wings not of malevolence or even stupidiy, but simply economic illiteracy: a fundemantal failure to grasp how money actually works.

If that is the case, then this kind of thing is encouraging.

Dave Pollard writes about a book on animals and what we don’t understand about them.

In his new book The Pig Who Sang to the Moon, Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson continues the critical life’s work he began with the groundbreaking When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives of Animals. Masson understands the importance of repetition in achieving something as enormous as changing an entire culture’s belief system, and he is patient and dispassionate in doing so. Like his previous books, The Pig Who Sang to the Moon is a dense and methodical mix of scientific citations and compelling anecdotes in defence of his continuing thesis: that animals are not only intelligent, but also live rich and complex emotional lives. Previous books have dealt with animals in the wild and with pets, and the subject this time is the most difficult of all: Farm animals, which Masson correctly points out should more properly be called ‘farmed animals’.

I’m proud to eat a vegan diet.

Halley Suitt is amazing.

It was wonderful to have Betsy Devine as my companion for surgery yesterday. She’s the best. After the operation when you’re full of anesthia, they let Betsy come in and see if I was still alive. I was. We did yuck it up and have a lot of laughs. The nurses tell you all this serious stuff about how to take your eye drops every three hours and how to wash your hands and keep them clean and how to not get any liquids in your eye, but of course I had to interrupt 100 times or so and ask if I could get semen in my eye for example, would that be okay and also if she didn’t mind, might I have a pair of those great medical gloves, the kind Glove Girl makes, just as a souvenir, rather unorthodox I know and when could I go swimming and what about mastrubation, when could I resume a healthy schedule of that activity and what about adopting a child that day, I guess legally I was not supposed to do that, not that I intended on doing such a thing, but they told you don’t sign any legal documents.

Chai Latte on dieting and working out.

8. Dinner (cereal). And a little pasta. The anti-Atkins.

9. Now feel slightly sick while checking out the Web. Did Kerry win something?

10. Just now, on my way downstairs to work out – rowing machine and then sit ups. I will never ever have a six pack. ‘S ok.